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Throughout my career, I have always been a documenter, who knew when ITIL became the preferred method for operations that my natural inclination to "write it down and publish it" would be such a positive attribute, definitely not me :o)

Of course that "write it down, make a list and build a supporting/hosting structure" makes a solid basis for reliable service operations and well manage projects, optimized for use of minimal resources :o)  It also helps with documenting your career, even if you have had the chance to work on many different initiatives.

Below are examples of the various areas and some example material I have generated as part of that work. Of course, the material is from different times and places and roles. Some of the items are single documents and others are groups of documents because the project, program, or task was complex and extended. Enjoy!!

Note: I have blanked some of the items out if they were a little too risqué to mgmt/staff relationship or individual egos- maybe not so much in 2 or 3 years time :o)

People Management and and Organizational Strategies
Classroom, Support, Desktop Optimization Strategy Proposal Academic Technology and eCampus Evolution Proposal Video Conferencing Infrastructure  Strategy Lecture Capture Strategy
Voice Enabled Support Strategy Classrooms Strategy Camera System Strategy Hardware Sparing Strategy
Team and Dept Design End of Year Service Reviews Staffing Analysis and Load Planning Dept Resource Mapping
Voice Enabled Support Strategy Classrooms Strategy Camera System Strategy Hardware Sparing Strategy
Dept Staffer Onboarding Guide Departmental Responsibilities and Staffing Adoption Process Dept ITIL Basics Training Dept Project Management Training
Desktop and Helpdesk Outsourcing Discussion/Proposal/Rational Phone System Team Outsourcing Discussion/Proposal/Rational Captioning and Transcription Strategy Streaming Strategy
Service Management and Operations
Digital Signs Captioning and Transcription Lecture Capture Emergency Broadcast Service
Collaboration and Video Conferencing Phones and Telecom Call Centres Emergency and BlueLight Phones
Imaging and Workflow IPTV Classroom Support Equipment and Media Loaning
Photographic Production Video Production Video Streaming and Broadcast Virtual Reality
Campus AV Design and Support Security Cameras Outage Management and Remediation Program Dept Process Guide
Dept Service Portfolio Tracker
Project and Program Management
Project - Video Conferencing Infrastructure  Update Project - Lecture Capture Pilot
Project - iPhone based Amazon Alexa Based SJSU Campus Skill Project - Autonomous Security Device Project Dept Classroom Adoption Project - Amazon Alexa Echo Based SJSU Campus Skill
Program - Dept Cloud based Initiatives Program - Classroom Summer Refresh Tracker - Dept Project Portfolio  Project Facial Recognition for MLK
Project - Facial Recognition based Campus Individual Tracking Project - Campus Digital Firewall Project - Facial Recognition for Housing Project - Classroom Support Improvement
Program - 2018 Summer Classroom Refresh Project - COB IT Adoption Project - Next Gen Classroom Design and Deployment Project - Camera Migration for MLK
Project - Purchase, Commission and Deploy 12 New Mobile Carts Project - Camera Deployment for Nuclear Lab Project - VR Loaner Kits Project - 4th Street Parking Garage Camera Deployment
Project - Delta Infrastructure Migration Project - Overhead/Transparency Projector Decommission Project  - Camera Deployment for Student Wellness Center Program - Digital Signs Deployment 
Project - Camera Deployment for SSC Project - Show and Share Replacement Program - 2016 Summer - Classroom Refresh Program Project - IPTV Headend Upgrade
Project - StarLeaf Cloud-based VC Endpoint Service TP Replacement Infrastructure Project - Video Tape Migration Project Project - Camera Deployment for Timpany Centre Project - WSQ208 Upgrade
Project - Video Streaming Service Update Project - Mobile Classroom Collaboration Cart Project - Video and Photography Backup Project Project - Lab VDI
Project - MH 320, MH 331B and MH 426 Update Classrooms Project - Department of Design, Classroom Projectors Update Project - IPTV HBOGo Deployment Pilot - Wireless Display Connection
Project - 7th Street Parking Garage Camera Deployment Project - 10th Street Parking Garage Camera Deployment Program - Future Classroom Design for 2022 Pilot - VR for Teaching Model Development and Pilot
Project - SJSU VR Campus Welcome Tour Project - RC 1st Floor/Main Area Optimization and Remodel Project - Student VR Demo Stations Project - Phone System Migration and Deployment
Project - NextGen Classroom Network Migration(to NG Network) Project - Network Infrastructure Deployment Project - BlueLight Deployment Project - EBS Deployment
Program - Campus Call Centres Deployment`` Program - Digital Signs Deployment
Product Management
11.0 Discontinuance Plan Document OE Marketing Plan Document External - Euro Drawer Statement Performance Document
External - Product Update Statement External - Product Extended Support Statement Internal - UX Road Map Features Spreadsheet IPF and Marketing Team Positioning Presentation
External Processor Support Drawer Statement External - Discontinuance Statement External - Product Naming Document Unix98 Branding Document
Internal - 10.20 Obsolescence Planning Document External - Licensing Terms Statement External - Obsolescence Announcement Statement UX Features by Version Spreadsheet
Internal - IPF Pricing Presentation External - Ongoing Tiered Pricing Support Document  
Product Forecasting
UX vPars Revenue Spreadsheet   UX OE Portfolio Forecast- Migration Spreadsheet  UX Revenue Summary Spreadsheet
UX Revenue Summary based on Server Forecast Spreadsheet Internal - UX Merchant OEM revenue Spreadsheet UX OE Portfolio Forecast Technical Spreadsheet
UX OE Portfolio Forecast Spreadsheet  Summary Report Consolidated Spreadsheet
Customer Presentations
Executive Briefing Deck Presentation Executive Briefing for German Retailers Presentation Executive Briefing for MBNA Presentation
OE Roadmap for BT Presentation Walmart App Dev Briefing Presentation Executive Briefing for Barclays Presentation
Executive Briefing for CitiCorp Presentation Executive Briefing for RBS Presentation Briefing Master Deck Presentation
Outbound Collateral
Security Primer Presentation External - Roadmap Discussion Presentation Quality Drawer Statement
Physical Box "give away" Scaling White Paper Unwavering Commitment eMail and Drawer Statement
Product Brochure Screen Saver UX Roadmap Presentation
5 Year Future Prediction Presentation Corporate band Unofficial Logo Corporate band "new" Unofficial Logo
Partitioning Primer Presentation Value Proposition for Developers Presentation Manageability Master Deck Presentation
Internal Multi-OS Strategy Presentation Multi-OS Positioning Presentation Binary Compatibility Statement
Interoperability Discussion Presentation MCAS Telecom Skills Brief MCAS Solution Support Presentation
ASAP Generic Presentation MCAS Presentation MCAS Overview Presentation
MCAS Data Sheet Document Operating Environments Presentation ASAP Y2K Presentation
ASAP Generic Single Slide Presentation ASAP Y2K Overview Presentation
Press Briefing
Press Article 1 Press Article 2 Press Article 3 Press Article 4
Press Article 5 Press Article 6 Press Article 7 Press Article 8
Press Article 9 Press Article 10 Press Article 11 Press Article 12
Press Article 13      
Marketing Program Management
MCAS Qualification Questionnaire Document Internal - Program Overview Presentation ESD/ASAP Web Site ASAP Planning Workshop Document
ASAP Planning Checklist Document
Competitive Attack
Competitive Ask IBM Presentation Competitive Advantages Document Internal- Ask about Manageability Presentation
Competitive Ask IBM and Sun About Compatibility Document Internal - Offering Comparison Document UE10K Attack Presentation Competitive Matrix Spreadsheet
Sales and "Field Teams" Materials and Training
Internal - Sales Training Presentation Internal - Regional Sales Training Presentation Internal - Regional Launch Plan Presentation
Internal - UNIX Sales Training Presentation
Channel Programs Management

Internal - Reseller Survey Questionnaire Document

Internal - Complete list of WW Channel Partners Spreadsheet

Internal - Building Channel Centric Programs Presentation

Internal - Introduction to Channels Presentation Internal - VP level Presentation to Channel Partners Briefing for Channel Partner Presentation
Internal - AE Program for Channels Presentation

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