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So who is Mike Wardley and what does he do, a good question and easily answered depending on what you'd like to know. Below is an introduction, click on a link for more details.

My whole career has been in hi-tech, and I have migrated from hardware and microprocessor-based programming to director level department management. Along the way, I have developed and honed skills in people, business, project, and program management areas, and I have never stopped being a technologist who loves engineering and is still gets his hand dirty occasionally. I find that I am most happy when I am optimizing the process, solution, or customer experience, and I love working directly with customers to make them happy and make a buck while doing it- The classic ďwin for all! scenario.

As my career has developed, I have had the opportunity to work in some great places doing some exciting things. The following list provides a little more detail and background: Technical Director at SJSU, Engagement Manager at Cisco, Self-employed Project Manager, and a long stint at HP as Product Line Manager, Channels Program Manager, Product Manager, Business Development Manager, Software Consultant, Software Developer. Of course, my career started with electronics and microprocessors. I worked as a Microprocessor Development Engineer for Embedded Control Systems, at what today we would call a startup. I've also done a variety of Teaching/Education Positions and a lot of training classes. I've also undertaken a variety of Teaching/Education positions, and a lot of training classes for corporations, universities, and local colleges. Throughout my career I have always maintained a learning stance so that could maintain and improve my skill set and knowledge base.

I have a lot of material that I have produced over the years that I have cataloged, several examples of which can be review by clicking the link Example Materials

I think of myself as a humanitarian with many interests that include Economics, world politics, History, Psychology, Gardening (love gardening), Business, Technology and Engineering, Home DIY, Aircraft construction, Flying, Skiing, Sailing, Cycling, Motor Cars, Motor Cycles, USAF AUX (CAP) and Rescuing Animals, "Yes it's an odd list". Not listed is my wicked and sometimes juvenile sense of humor that has kept me sane and young at heart :o)

I reside in Monterey County, California, and have lived in five countries on three continents. I am most lucky to have visited all of the major industrial centers, some for extended periods on various projects. Have traveled extensively internationally for Business and Pleasure

And finally, so what do I think: Life is complicated, it's all complicated....

I don't think humanity is doomed, at least not by global warming or rising sea levels, at least not any time soon. I do believe there are more pressing matters at hand: I do worry about using up all of the earth's resources, human overpopulation, the deteriorating education system, falling standards generally, polluting the air, polluting the water, destroying the environment, messing with genetics (very dangerous juju), the human genetic crisis that is coming as we increase the DNA adjustment until we are no longer homo sapiens, the lack of three, five, ten and twenty years planning in government or anyone for that matter, the rising government debt, the rise of the machines, assuming they don't kill us outright, and what are we all going to do with ourselves when they are doing all of the work, and what will the government do for money if there are no workers paying taxes, and donít forget the aliens, there is always the aliens from Zargon 9 no doubt :o)

It's a lot to worry about, but I think it will all be okay in the end and realize that in truth is that there is only one non-renewal resource: TIME, don't waste it, spend it wisely because you can't get it back!

Personal motto - Carpe Deim, Carpe Deim!!!!


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