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I moved moved into Outbound Marketing because I was engaging so many customers, particularly during executive briefings, customer events and account team visits, that I became an expert in "what resonated with customers" and "what didn't".  I also had detailed insight into the "competitive situation" and was able to articulate this into something that could be use to "task" the outbound team.

Outbound Marketing Manager I was responsible for management of the outbound marketing team, product collateral set, outbound "view" of HP-UX presented to customers, industry analysts, the industry press and competitors. Product release marketing plans and the overall marketing plan for HP-UX from a world wide perspective. 

I provided leadership to and coordinated with the extended outbound marketing teams in the remote geographies.  All work by the outbound marketing team was managed via weekly individual and team meetings from a constantly update marketing plan and an objective list - OE Marketing Plan 

Outbound Marketing

The outbound effort was driven by the outbound marketing plan. One of the major goals of the outbound plan was to drive adoption of 11i and it's subsequent releases via a series of high-profile launches. A major element of the outbound plan was the product collateral set.

Given the very large size of the collateral set, several hundred items from many years and releases, I instituted processes to update, expire, and maintain via ownership of all collateral items. In conjunction with the outbound marketing team and the wider market and sales constituency we defined what the complete collateral set should be. Below are a few examples of items I personally generated and owned. Everyone on team owned many collateral items. Below are a few example of mine...

Box "give-a-away" Scaling White Paper Security Primer
Product Brief Product Brief for IPF Product Brief for OEs
Product Brochure Manageability Master Deck 5 Year Future Prediction
UX Roadmap  Corporate band Unofficial Logo Executive Briefing Deck
Partitioning Primer Value Proposition for Developers
  Internal Multi-OS Strategy Multi-OS Positioning
Corporate band "new" Unofficial Logo Euro Drawer Statement
Screen Saver Strategic Importance Letter Quality Drawer Statement
Unix98 Branding Billion Seconds Drawer Statement
Executive Briefing Deck Naming and Version Rational Binary Compatibility Statement
Unwavering Commitment eMail and Drawer Statement Interoperability Discussion
Press Engaging the press, especially during high profile product launches was an important outbound element to counteracting Sun and IBM. The whole outbound team was encouraged and coached to provide template written materials and interviews proactively to member of the press.

I was the "media contact" for HP-UX and presented at all of the regional product launches/media events, traveling to Japan, UK, Germany, US and Brazil. Examples are: 

Press Article Press Article Press Article Press Article Press Article
Press Article Press Article Press Article Press Article Press Article
Press Article Press Article Press Article    
Sales and the Channel I personally attended and presented at many regional sales and channel sale training/launch events to increase the visibility and cohesion with the sale teams in the regions, and to support regional marketing teams. Below are examples of materials that I developed and used for these events.
Sales Training IPF and Marketing Team Positioning
Customer Engagement All of the outbound marketing team presented to customers, field teams and industry analysts in the executive briefing center and at industry events. I reviewed and coached team members to improve their quality of presentations so I could off-load the executive briefings and customer engagement work to the team. 

Using versions of the presentations below, tuned to the specific customers need based on the pre-visit briefing information from the account team. I presented to many customers and earned a reputation for being an excellent presenter to English and none-English speaking customers. The latter required the use of a translator. 

Not all customers want to be partners and as the Outbound Marketing Manager I was given an opportunity to "work with" many Demanding Customers and only two who were Difficult Customers

Executive Briefing for German Retailers Executive Briefing for Barclays
  Executive Briefing for RBS OE Roadmap for BT
  Walmart App Dev Briefing Executive Briefing for MBNA
Executive Briefing for CitiCorp Briefing Master Deck
Below is a list of the customers I personally made executive briefing to. I was also part of the headquarters team that followed-up after the briefing for many of these customer, usually running the "action list".
ABN Amro CitiGroup Handleman OOCL Swiss Tour Group
AC (Accenture) / Sainsbury HB Fuller Otto Versand Telcordia
ADEC CMG/IMG/Reliastar Hitachi PayChexs Telkomsel
Agilient Coca Cola Home Depot Pemex Telstra
AirBus Coles Myer HP Shopping Village Peugeot Tengelmann
Alcatel Comverse HRDC Phila. Stock Exchange
AllTel Corvi HSBC Philiips Thompson
Amazon Coscon Hutchinson Pitney Bowes Transco
American Family Insurance Hydro Posadas de Mexico
American Stock Exchange IDX Pratt & Whitney TRW
AOL CSC Imation Protor and Gamble Turkish Ministry of Finance
Appliera Credit Suisse JEIS Providian  Financial University of Illinois
APSS DHL Johnson and JohnSon Republique et Canton de Geneve
Ariba Diamos Kinder Morgan Rita Aid Univseriy of Kentecky
AstroZenica DoCoMo Laboratorios Genfar Royal Bank of Canada
AT&T E&Y Longs Drugs Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank of Russia E.Breuninger GmbH Maritiz Corp Royal/Citic University of Oslo
Barclays Bank Ericsson MBNA SAIC UPS
Banco Comericial Portugues McKesson Samsung US Navy
BMW Eskom/Arivia.kom Melco SAS USPS
Boeing Eurocontrol Merck SBC Valero
Bouygues Telecom European Commisson Servico de Administration Tributaria
Brazil Telecom Fannie Mae Metro Shell Oil Walgreen's
Bristol Myers Squibb Fedx Mississippi College SIAC Walmart
British Telecom FirstEnergy Corp Mizuho Trust and Banking Wellpoint
Cabela Ford Mobilkom SK Telecom Wells Fargo
Calpers Foris Motorola Spalding Wolseley
CalTrans Foster's Group MTN Spanish Government Wuerth Gmbh &Co
Canfor Gehe AG, Stuttgart NDS Sprint  
CapitalOne Genentech Nokia Staples  
Caterpiller General Mills Norsk Hydro ASA State Farm  
Cerner General Motors Nortel State of Michigan  
CingularWireless Gigatel Horthup Grumman Sun Trust  
Cisco Gillette NRI Swagelock  
Citic GSK NS Solutions Swift  
CitiCorp   NTT Data    
    Onyx Acceptance Corp  

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