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I was promoted to HP-UX product line manager because I'd already demonstrated my ability to run the outbound market and product management teams. I was still running the outbound team and added the product management folks to my existing team along with the product line responsibly to my scope.

The responsibility for product line was a small change that allowed me to take a slightly higher level view and drive rather than suggest ways to improve the viability of the product line. Examples might be the Discontinuance Support, Special support contracts for older releases or Compensation for Customer Updates and New Releases. I also engaged all of the enterprise software organizations to document and then evangelize $1B software business around HP-UX with a view to "adjusting the investment profile" of HP.

Establishing the programs to help us gain "market acceptance of multi-OS on Itainum" and "validation of the product future" was a the major focus of my tenure. Nothing I have worked on has equaled the work tempo of my days as the product line manager for HP-UX.

Click on the links to view my responsibilities and achievements for my Outbound Marketing, Product Management Below are examples of my work as a product line manager for HP-UX.

Sales and the Channel I personally attended and presented at regional sales and channel planning, sale training/launch events to increase the visibility and cohesion with the sale teams and to support regional marketing teams. Below are examples of material that I developed and used for these events. 
Regional Launch Plan Regional Sales Training
Leadership to he extended team I provided cross function leadership to the extended marketing teams in the regions using weekly conference calls, twice yearly "face to face" forums for headquarter and remote teams and assignment of headquarters resources to regional teams for specific projects, usually launches.
ECO-System Engagement HP-UX had a massive eco-system consisting of other software partners and dependent product division, headquarters and region sales and marketing organizations, ISVs, OEMs, Channel Distributors and Reseller, industry analysis, consulting organizations and an active user group. All needed to be considered and "engaged". I assigned, trained and coached outbound team members address different areas of the eco-system rather than the ad hoc way it have been done in the past.
The Competition A constant source of competitive information streaming into the outbound and product management team from sales engagements and other sources. This information was analyzed and assimilated into the product management and outbound processes. Below are example of materials I produced or work with a team member to produce:
Competitive Matrix Ask IBM Ask about Interoperability
Ask about HA Ask about Linux Ask about Manageability
Competitive Advantages  Offering Comparison UE10K Attack
Performance Ask IBM and Sun About Compatibility

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