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My career has taken what seems to me like a very logical route from engineering to business management and into people management. I have never been prepared to "given up" my technical and business skills along the way as I enjoy engineering and business way too much. Other people have commented that the "logical progression" is less obvious to them. I would retort by pointing out five things: Technology, programs, projects, partner and customers, everything else is just detail :o)

As you review my career, I've highlighted what was doing and when I moved roles, and why I moved career in the detailed sections. Maybe it will seem more logical once you read the "why" rather than the "what". I've also added a section with example materials that I have produced in my various roles. 

My career has offered me the opportunity to develop an "international constituency", and for that I am most grateful, especially for the many friends and acquaintances I have met over the years in other parts of the world. 

Director of IT
Worldwide Engagement Manager
Project Manager
WW Channel Manager for Enterprise Programs
Product Line Manager for UNIX OS
WW Outbound Marketing Manager for UNIX OS
WW Product Manager for UNIX OS
WW Product Manager for 3rd Party and Fast-Track Products
WW Product Manager for Software Development Consulting Services
Americas eMail/Workflow Business Development
Americas eMail/Workflow Consultant
eMail/Messaging Software Development Engineer
IBM Network Software Development Engineer
Network Hardware/Software Development Engineer
Microprocessor Control System Development Engineer
Programming Advisor / Micro processor engineer
Electronics Technician

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