Project Outline - Marketing for Real Estate

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This project covers everything from marketing plans to marketing program execution. It is an ongoing commitment that I usually work on for two days a month; sometimes a little more during peak periods.

As part of this project I have developed a fairly visible internet campaign around the web site. The primary web site can be seen at As part of the "internet marketing" all of the listings have "detail web sites" that can be "pushed" to other more visible, higher volume or buyer focused web sites. Below are a few examples- 

listing 23799 listing 13504 listing 18036
listing 9783 listing 23799-53 listing 18418
listing 9771 listing 9921 listing 9951
listing 17540 listing 17881 listing 23799

The development of these sites includes the creation of unique brochures, feature sheets, floor plans, marketing plans, composite fliers, photographic and other copy content. Below are a few examples- 

listing 9771 listing 10070 listing 17881
listing 23799-7 listing 8751 listing 18418
listing 9477 listing 18036 listing 23799-53
listing 5700


The other part of my work on this project is around " push" rather than " pull" marketing. This takes several forms including local news media, postcard mailers, pamphlet mailers to the general public and other "industry partners". A few examples of collateral are shown below-

Advertising Example 1 Advertising Example 3 Seller Pamphlet 2
Post Card Example 1 Post Card Example 2 Advertising Example 5
Presentation - The Seller's Dilemma Presentation - Short Sale Process Post Card Example 4
Advertising Example 2 Advertising Example 4 Post Card Example 5
Seller Pamphlet 1 Post Card Example 3 Presentation - Listing


Mailers are usual around 2000 items targeted at specific geographies within the Monterey Bay area. Each of the collateral items was used at least twice equaling dozens of campaigns.

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