Software Engineer


I moved to HP in the south-west of England because it was a career rich environment in terms of potential projects I could work on to improve my software engineering skills and experience. It allowed me to develop international experience and eventually allowed me to relocate permanently to the US and move my career toward business and marketing.

In reverse chronological order:

SNA Software Development Engineer, US: During my 12 months in the US I built good working relationships with managers in IND and was invited to move to the US to work on "transaction spooler gateways" for HP to IBM systems and terminal emulators (HP2350 to IBM3270). 

The customer-based was base was large multi-national corporations with diverse environments that depended the interoperability gateways for "online transaction processing" and "transaction spooling". The gateways were highly visible and when they didn't work, it caused huge problems, and so were considered mission-critical to information flows and operations. It was during my tenure with IND that I starting using UNIX as a development environment and hence quickly built up my UNIX experience, to know UNIX is to love UNIX :o)

SNA Software Development Engineer, UK: Base on my networking experience working with British Coal, HP offered to train me for IBM SNA networking and document architectures DIA and DCA. I would then enhance and maintain email gateways from HP proprietary HP DESK Manager product to IBM's PROFS, DISOSS and SYSTEM/36 and 5520 Systems. 

The customer base was large multination corporations with diverse environments that were already depending on their eMail infrastructures as being mission critical to information flows and operations. 

This was also the first time I'd experienced "coop-petition" when dealing with a competitor. IBM was definitely the 800 pound gorilla, so I quickly learned and build relationships with the local technical recources as a way to "get the job done". I also recollect that I wrote my first while paper "A Comparison of SNADS and X.400 Messaging Protocols". I presented to the the Interrex (HPWorld) Conference in San Francisco. 

Eventually the project was de-staffed and I moved to the US for 12 month to train and transition the products to a US based organization whose role was based solely around IBM interoperability i.e. IND. Part of the project was to work with marketing to transition as many customers as possible to "alternative" solutions. This project was a very low priority for product marketing so I had my experience of dealing with angry customers from a product management and customer consulting perspective.

When the project finished I moved back to the UK and joined the OpenMail messaging team developing client eMail software for windows.

Copyright Mike Wardley, 2011